Ardeshir Zahedi , the Offspring of Storm

Now available: “Ardeshir Zahedi, the Offspring of Storm,” the book written by Mansoureh Pirnia, edited by Daryoush Pirnia and publand published by MehrIran Publishing Co.


Here Mansoureh Pirnia has reviewed the memoir and the life of one the outstanding political figures in the contemporary history of Iran. The entire story revolves around the adventurous characteristics of Ardeshir Zahedi, the son of Fazlollah Zahedi and Khadije Pirnia, who in his youth entered Iran's political arena with his inherent insight and foresight and became one of the renowned figures of Iran and in a way the second most important man of the country in the last twenty-five-years of the reign of Pahlavis dynasty.

The book shall be considered an animated biography since it has been enhanced with such live pictures which make it distinctive from other books. With his ethical and behavioral characteristics, Ardeshir Zahedi is regarded as one of the phenomenal politicians of the Pahlavi period. Consequently, the book aims to truly depcit the figure of this distinctive character “as it was and as it is.” The book, in addition to the introduction of parental and maternal ancestors of Ardeshir Zahedi, provides more references to the families of two ancient Iranian families, i.e. the Pirnias and the Zahedis.

The research goes back into the history as far as there are authentic documents and sources about two families — the two distinctive dynasties that are regarded as the epimite of Iranian mysticism and symbols of patriotism and politics.


The book talks about the crisis, dangers, and misfortunes which Ardeshir has experienced and has led this restless and bold character.