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Daughters of Persia, Pioneering Women of the World

Portrays the brilliant stories of Iranian women throughout history in 424 pages of cyclopedic accounts and over 1200 color and black-and-white pictures printed on high-quality paper and an extensive list of over six thousand names and biographies of trail-blazing women with prolific and constructive talents; brave and unparalleled women who have pushed frontiers with their genius, creativity, artistry and philanthropy, helping to re-define the path of history.


We hope that our readers will find for themselves that the efforts spent in preparing this book have been well spent. The book can be obtained by contacting MehrIran Publishing via or or phone number 301-279-6778. Each copy costs $100.00 plus $10.00 Postage (in USA) Postage outside of USA all over the world $35.00


The persona of Iranian woman has been brilliant and epoch-making throughout the glorious history of Iran. In fact there has been no single movement in Iran’s history in which women have not made outstanding contributions. That is why all efforts to assess their significant role and persona falls short to do them justice.


MehrIran Publications has consistently tried to compensate for such a shortfall, and the publishing of the book titled “Pioneering Women of Iran” marks a new effort to pay homage to the women of Iran who command recognition of their service to their country. We are proud to demonstrate our indebtedness to Iranian girls and women.