Travelogue of Shahbanou Farah Pahlavi (Safarnameh Shabanou Farah)

"Travelogue of Shahbanou Farah" is a narration of the journeys of the Empress of Iran across the land she loved, all over. The travelogue describes more than three hundred trips she made to the near and far corners of Iran.

The writer of the Safarnameh, Mansoureh Pirnia-- a journalist, and a companion of Empress Farah in her journeys doubled up as a historian and recorded the magnificent moments of Shahbanou's visits with people. At times she has narrated directly and or indirectly Empress Farah's comments, thoughts and wishes.

Here, the writer of the travelogue, an eye-witness to Iran's advance toward development and progress, has analyzed the traditional and urban lifestyle of Iranians with curiosity and insight. She has looked into regional improvements and growth of and, as an intellectual journalist, presented a description and comparison.

Beyond the style of the language which displays the civilization, culture, morality, and, lifestyle o the people, the book touts a series of pictures, sketche, and paintings such as the circle of the sun, Sassanid tree, Simorgh (phoenix), as well as Persian rugs and calicoes designed by Shahbanou in the name of Iranians -- an addition to the beauty and grace of the book.

The book displays a strikingly impressive collection of a hundred and eighty lavish pictures by contemporary artists and photographers through which the reader is introduced to the pure characteristics of Iranian ethnicities, the blessed and nourishing nature of the country, historical monuments and newly built constructions.

"Travelogue of Shahbanou" promises hope to those who have had any part in promoting Iran, that history does not forget or ignore those who truly served their country. Also it is projects a true image of Iran to the new generation.

"Safarnameh Shabanou" has been compared with the works of more than a hundred travelogue writers, historians, sociologists, as well as Iranian and foreign researchers and Iranologists. Quotations of their records and reports have been inserted in this book.

The travelogue, consisting of an introduction, and twenty one chapters, in four hundred and twenty four pages, as a chain of pearls unites the nature, views, beauty, art, customs, traditions, dance, music, and aspects of the culture of Iranian ethnicities and the elements of modern Iran.

The sections of the "Travelogue of Empress Farah" are as following:

  • Systan and Baluchestan: the land of pains and treasures
  • Bandar Abbas and Hormozgan: the nacre/ pearl of Persian Gulf
  • Islands of Khark and Bandar Boushehr: the ancient market of southern coasts
  • Khoozestan: the land of oil and sugarcane
  • Kordestan and West Azerbijan : God blesses your wheat plains
  • Kermanshahan: the land of the dream for the love of Shirin
  • East Azerbijan : Plenty of love for Azerbijan in the month of Azer
  • Zanjan: the city of springs and filigrees
  • Hamedan: the first capital city of Medes and Achaemenids
  • Gilan: Water, wind, dust, and life which is fire
  • Mazandaran: the land of Rostam and his disciples
  • Khorasan: the land of sunlight
  • Outskirts of Deseret : Loot and heavenly outskirts and boiling heart
  • Ghamsar and Kashan: the land of rugs rose water and renown men
  • Yazd : The city of history and the warm flames of sacred fire
  • Kerman : the city of beautiful carpets and smiling pistachios
  • Lorestan and Chahar Mahal e Bakhtiyari: the land of movement, song, and hunt
  • Yasouj and Mamassani, Kohgilooye and Bouyr Ahmed: the plains of millet and the land of Aryoobarzan
  • Shiraz and Govar: the city of love, poetry, art, high cypress and light-hearted people
  • Esfahan: the duplicate of world, half of the world
  • Torkmen Sahra: the last journey, with the envy and hope for another visit

With a large scale sale of the book the publisher of "Travelogue of Shahbanou" wishes to enjoy the wide cooperation of people in introducing a national work. The publisher shares this wish with the people who consider love of Iranian people and love of Iran as their own everlasting investment.