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The Real Image of Empress Farah Pahlavi

Book of achievements of the Pahlavi Monarchs – A Pictorial Historic Record

The upcoming illustrated book, titled Chehre-ye Vaqe’i-ye Shahbanu Farah Pahlavi [The Real Image of Empress Farah Pahlavi] in Persian is a detailed and comprehensive tome on the personal life and public service of a clear eyed and indefatigable queen. Compiled by Mansoureh Pirnia, an well-known and experienced journalist and writer, the book is based on a wide range of first and second hand sources, including numerous interviews, documents and diaries.


The main focus of the book is a review of the many cultural and social projects that were carried out in pre-revolution Iran with direct or indirect help and support of the queen. The advancement of the life of Iranian women and preserving the invaluable cultural and artistic heritage of Iran were the queen’s main areas of concern.


Pirnia weaves an engrossing story of a life replete with triumphs and tragedies, laughs and tears. It is a must read especially for those Iranians who feel nostalgic about a prosperous advancing homeland torn asunder by forces of evil and ignorance. This is an exquisite 400-page book, printed on high-quality glossy paper, hard cover, embodying more than 1,000 rare color and black-and-white photos, presented in limited edition to coincide with the Persian New Year.


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