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Immortal Flowers Treasury

Of what use will a basket of flower be to thee

Take only one leaf from the “Gulistan” anthology of mine

Flowers endure but five or six days

While delight from my flower garden lasts eternally           “Saadi”  


“Immortal Flowers Treasury”                                         

Cultural Heritage from Davoud Pirnia

With an effort of: Mansoureh Pirnia Daryoush Pirnia


“Immortal Flowers” is in essence a treasury of Persian poetic music that has been lauded as a “bouquet of fragrant flowers that never wilts but emits an eternal aroma.”  The collection “Golha-ye Javidan” (Immortal Flowers) draws from the apogee of Persian culture and civilization, celebrating its rich music adorned by beautiful words voiced beautifully by noted artists imparting the originality of thought and the true meaning of love with pithy Persian mysticism.


From ancient times, Iranian thinkers, in their privacy, elicited inspiration from music and literary works to heighten their inner awareness.  At times when their age-old motherland was invaded by alien marauders, the general public, sharing sibling ethnic roots, aired their heartfelt desires and secrets with music, poem and prose.  Their music and literature gained a unique affinity that pervaded temples, sanctuaries, mosques and taverns with equal influence and united them in the name of love that they professed.


With his rare command of Persian mysticism and culture highlighted by Persian literary and musical works, Davoud Pirnia made the compilation of Golha-ye Javidan a national mission of his.  His deep knowledge of and belief in the wisdom-oriented mysticism, Pirnia garnered the works that depicted the innate bond between human voice and music as he had experienced those in the gatherings of the devotees of the path of love for truth.  He titled his compilation “Golha-ye Javidan” which was made possible thanks to the collaboration of masters of Persian literature and maestros of the Persian music and the well-known as well as emerging voicing talents.  His everyman’s compilation resonated with the hearts and minds of Iranians at all tiers of education.  He brought the sublime thinking of Iranian thinkers to the listeners and his work soothed the soul of his listeners to shed violence and selfishness of the followers of various religions and replace it with love of God and the truth.


The “Golha-ye Javidan” collection was broadcast for 23 years since the spring of 1956 through the winter of 1978 via the national radio network in Iran, well received by the general audience that used it as a means of social communication and national networking. The people of Iran welcomed  “Golha-ye Javidan” without reservation and opened their hearts to its offshoots such as : “Golha-ye Rangarang”  (Colorful Flowers), “Barg-e Sabz” (A Green Leaf), “Yak Shakheh Gol” (A Stem of Flower) and “Golha-ye Sahrai” (Desert Flowers).  Such other collections, including the “Golchin-e Hafteh” The week’s (piks of flovers) The “Golh ye – Tazeh” ( Fresh Flowers) and The  Taknavazan ( A solo musical pieces.


 “Golha-ye Javidan Treasure” as part of Davoud Pirnia’s legacy have also drawn on the wealth of Persian arts and culture.


In the 70s when Pirnia himself was alive “Davoud Pirnia Foundation” was established in cooperation with the fans of the “Golha” series led by his children and friends as a podium to promote the Persian culture.


The Foundation was instrumental in protecting this unique treasure after the upheavals of 1978-79 through preservation efforts conducted inside and outside Iran.  The movement has assumed global dimensions over the past three decades with the help of Iranologists and various international institutions and succeeded in saving the shining examples of Iranian culture and civilization.  The flowers have sprouted again through the ashes and defied the bigotry that has cramped the Iranian society.  It has found its link to the homes and hearts of the younger generation.


The “Golha-ye Javidan” treasure trove comprises 60 thousand minutes of program containing over 2,500 pieces of music and literary excerpts that have been polished and refined by leading researchers and experts trained in the East as well as the West.  The collection has been put together by “Golha-ye Javidan” Foundation, the non-profit institute founded by Davoud Pirnia.  The collection is now made available to the public via conventional channels.


The initial “Golha-ye Javidan” collection was spirited out of Iran by its self-assigned guardians and taken to the relative safety and security of the lands that enjoyed the god-given gift of freedom and faith in human talents and dignity, an act reminiscent of the taking of the “sacred fire” – that icon of ever-shining sun -- to Eastern lands in the face of Arab invasion so that it could be preserved until the time it could be returned home to a state of regained spiritual balance and tolerance.  The lovers  of “Golha-ye Javidan” are committed to preserving and advancing the beacons of mystic wisdom and culture by presenting this collection to libraries, universities, centers of Iranology, and musical and literary circles.


With a history of book publication, including the first ever audio book in Farsi and Farsi language learning CD-Roms and DVDs for Rosetta Stone, Mehriran Publications has helped to establish Davoud Pirnia’s “Golha-ye Javidan” Foundation over the past four decades to promote Persian music, art and culture and promote similar works that will hopefully emerge in the years to come. The “Golha-ye Javidan” treasure trove has now been recorded in an I-Pod format and the Foundation is set to embark on creating the “Encyclopedia of Immortal Flowers.”


It is hoped that the friends of Iran who have always cherished the Persian culture will support the cultural efforts of Davoud Pirnia’s “Golha-ye Javidan” Foundation by donating copies of the i-Pod to research and scholarly centers.


Foundation secretary:

Daryoush Pirnia

Maryland, Sept 1st, 2010

With collaboration of:

Mansoureh  Pirnia  Daryoush Pirnia


The “Golha-ye Javidan”

 Immortal heritage of Davoud Pirnia, has re-mastered the collection of “Golha-ye Javidan” (Immortal Flowers) in IPod classic format.  Embodying the constellation of music and poetry garnered and produced over the years under various titles such as “Golha-ye Javidan” , “Golha-ye Rangarang”  (Colorful Flowers), “Barg-e Sabz” (A Green Leaf), “Yak Shakheh Gol” (A Stem of Flower), “Golha-ye Sahrai” (Desert Flowers), Golha-ye Tazeh (Fresh Flowers), the “Week’s Picks floweres” and the “Tak-NavasanA” solo musical pieces, the i-Pod now presents over 2,500 programs and pieces in high-quality digital format.


The endeavor has been made possible thanks to the cultural legacy archive of Davoud Pirnia’s Golha-ye Javidan” Foundation which has had the collection registered in its digital format with the Library of Congress and legally protected against piroting.


Collectors and general patrons of the Golha are encouraged to obtain the IPod of “Golha-ye Javidan” directly from Pirnia’s non-profit foundation.


Golha- ye Javidan

Immortal Heritage of Davoud Pirnia

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